Graffiti is the rebel art, the art of the people, a microphone and a platform for the disenfranchised and the overlooked. It is big and bold and colorful, showing incredible artistic craftsmanship and depicting the social or economic or political landscape of the times. Looking back at lost civilizations or ancient times,graffiti is as old   Read More …

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  Having a cool design idea in your head is great, but physically getting it to look good on a custom t-shirt is a completely different ball game. There are so many technicalities involved with producing an awesome graphic tee, and you need to be prepared to tackle the whole process head on from start to finish   Read More …

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Oh No! You forgot your moms Mother’s Day gift again!! If you missed all the publicity and reminders that Mother’s Day was coming, or for any particular reason you did not get around to getting your mom a gift last Sunday, at Graffitee Graphics we can help.   We have some very cool options, so   Read More …

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