Today we have so many options when it comes to printing and designing t-shirts, banners, logo’s or other company merchandise that we use to help promote our businesses. When it comes to printing t-shirts, which is the easiest and most effective form of advertisement for your firm, it can be a daunting task to maneuver through all of your options. Here is a quick guide to help you determine which garment printing option is good for you.

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Screen Printing

Screen printing is your most cost effective option if you are having a large batch of t-shirts made at one time that all require the same design. Typically, the more you order, the cheaper they are. With screen printing you also have more options in terms of design placement on the garment. As long as your design is fairly simple in terms of shape design and colors, this is the way to go.

Direct to Garment (DTG)

DTG is great for small batches, but will make up for it in terms of detail it can accomplish and the color options for your design is much more extensive than screen printing. The downside is that there this method does not leave room for volume discounts (generally speaking) and the placement of your design on each garment is limited.

Printing T-shirts in Denver

Graffitee Factory: Colorado’s Number One Screen Printing and DTG Service Provider

If you have a small business in Colorado and are looking to get your company logo out there by making t-shirts, uniforms and other items of clothing featuring your company logo, then talk to one of our expert at Graffitee Factory about how to get the most for your dollar and get advice on the best printing solutions for your product. Call us today for a quote or printing advice.

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