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Pop Culture designs

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(A)dd images from pop culture

If you want your graphics to have universal appeal, use images that are common in today’s pop culture. People all over the world will be able to recognize the face of President Obama, the McDonald’s golden arches, or a picture of the Eiffel Tower. These pop culture icons could include famous people, famous landmarks, and famous songs and so on. Do you get the idea? What’s important is to use something that everybody knows about or remembers for its coolness.

 funny tee

(B)e funny with whatever you pick

Laughing is universal. Everybody does it, and we all love to do it. If you can cleverly incorporate humor into your graphic tee designs, you might have a winner on your hands. But that’s only if you originally planned to use humor as part of your plan. Good humor will draw people in, but bad humor will keep them far away.


(C)reate a statementTEE screen printing in Denver

When designing a graphic tee, you might decide to make an important statement about something you feel very strongly about. The expression of your opinions on a certain environmental issue or other interest might even be the concept for your whole t-shirt line. The majority of great graphic tees are not just meaningless designs. There are usually some underlying meanings behind the artwork and the sayings, and that’s what makes the t-shirt so significant. Graphic tees serve as a both fashionable apparel and billboards to advertise products and opinions.


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