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Promotional products are one of the oldest forms of advertising. Someone said -”Perhaps it has something to do with the effectiveness of this types of products to years old cultural norms around the rule of reciprocity”-. In simple words, what he was trying to say is that if you give something to someone, that person is “honor bound” to give something back. In general, we humans are hard wired to respond if we get something. That’s why promotional efforts do much more than just work as a way to promote your company or cause. They, in fact, help generate more response and revenue to whatever you are trying to sell.

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Sure now days you want to invest on digital means. Social media has a great impact on society so it is imperative to consider its power. However, they will never replace the personal feeling that a tangible item provokes on people. Sometimes the attachment lasts for decades. Personally I still carry a dear old mug that someone gave me and about four cool screen printed company t-shirts that carry not just the logo but a positive message on the back. Some of the advantages of using this type of promotional products have to do with the fact that they are tangible and long-lasting. The impact they make is also easily measured and the perceived value is usually higher as well. Other popular promotional items these days are thumb drives, aluminum sports bottles, reusable grocery bags, and anything green or American made.

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30% of all the advertising efforts are directed towards wearable items. American businesses spend $20 billion a year giving away stuff with logos. Why? Because it works!


Screen printing for example is a fairly economical method of printing and hence it’s growing popularity. The applications are increasing as fast as one can think about a new surface for printing. The possibilities are endless. So get your staff on a focus group and start thinking about some creative ways to get the values of the company screen printed on some t-shirts. You can also get the company’s marketing mantra on colorful tee’s to give out on special occasions. Whatever you decide to do, do it as soon as possible because now you know the amazing impact that a printed message can do for your company.

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