Are your tailgating decorations up to par?

Besides food, snack and of course, beer, there are a few more things that will make your tailgate party stand out amongst the rest: superfan paraphernalia! Superfans spare no expense when it comes to hosting the perfect tailgating party, and Graffitee Factory has everything you need to make your tailgating party stand out in the crowd.


Wear the team colors

We can talk about how to make the best burger, or what beer goes best with football (answer: all beer!), but when it comes to a kickass tailgate party, what really makes you stand out is the decorations. Everyone can add some blue and orange food coloring to their cupcake frosting and call themselves a Bronco’s fan, but custom designed banners, flags and t-shirts are what will set you apart as the true #1 fan, and not just a poser. Go big, or go home, right. We also know that official sports paraphanelia can become quite expensive, so why not make up your own. All you need are the right colors and then you can pretty much make up the rest. Slogans, signs, clever rhymes featuring your favorite players, naming your tailgating camp and having matching t-shirts. These are all things that will make your tailgating party. Plus, if will help you find your tailgating camp again in a crowded parking lot filled with BBQ smoke and matching colors.

Custom made banners, signs and t-shirts from Graffitee Factory

At Graffitee Factory we have the best graphic designers in Colorado. Talk to us today about making your banners, t-shirts and signage for your next tailgating party. You take care of the food and the drinks and we’ll take care of the decorations. No one will rival our creativity and superior printing and design capabilities. We are the best in the business. Doesn’t your team and your tailgating party deserve the best? Call us today and get a quote.

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