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Once you are aware of the surprising power of promotional products the next step is to go deeper on your understanding of their influence and the science of their persuasion. The rule of reciprocity is a very powerful rule and very small things can trigger it.
Here are four ways to maximize the potential of your promotional prints

Focused Tactics

Give items that members of your target audience will use in the environment where they make decisions about using your product or service. If you go after executives in corporations, give them something they will use in their offices, around their desktop so your company can be top of mind when they make decisions. Golf-related items are exceptions because lots of business happens on the golf course.

Use Differentiation

Print items that underscore your marketing message and differentiate your company. Make sure you use something that’s as unique as possible to your business. Don’t try to emulate or copycat something that might’ve worked for someone else. Companies vary and differentiate in many ways so it’s not worth risking your own reputation by doing something unoriginal.

screen print your bright ideasGet Personal

Personalize. While we are fond of our company logos, customers really like to use items that have their names on them. Although this can be very challenging and perhaps not a viable option. At least always keep in mind the fact that people like to see their names above all else. So if you’re not getting their name on the item, at least get them on a personalized e-mail or card.

Be Relevant

Skip the disposable water bottles and other items that will be quickly used and tossed. Make your investment on promotional products count by printing on something that will have a longer shelf life. You can boost your efforts when you use a memorable message or a funny fact that is always engaging for its imagery or style.


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