The short sleeve season is upon us once again and we are here to give you some t-shirt cutoff guidelines for everyone’s favorite t-shirt time.

T-shirts come in all sizes and colors, we all know that!  Sometimes, in order for them to maintain their relevance in your wardrobe, a little adapting is required. Perhaps to bring back to life the outdated tees in your closet, the ones banished from regular wear and relegated to workout apparel. Now in order to make your creation truly comfortable you may need to remove the sleeves. Here’s how to cutoff a t-shirt for the summer!


 Step 1

Find the right T-shirt

Pull out your favorite T-shirts, and decide which of them you might want to turn sleeveless. Try them on, and see which looks best on you.

 Step 2

Test the look

Roll up the sleeves as high as you can, or tuck them into the shirt around the seam to see if it looks good as a sleeveless T-shirt. 

Step 3

Decide how you’re going to cut it

Crop_top_-_stomach_1There are two ways to go: leave the seam between the sleeve and the shirt in place, or cut it out.Leaving the seam intact will keep your finished T-shirt from unravelling and looking shabby. It will also make a smaller arm hole. For a baggy T-shirt, this is a good approach.

Cutting out the seam with the sleeve is a more casual look, and because the hole is larger, a little more comfortable as well.

Step 4

Lay the T-shirt out on a clean, flat surface

If you’re cutting out the seam with the sleeve, mark where you are going to cut with a marker or chalk. If you’re going to keep the seam, poke your scissors into the sleeve about 1/8 inch from the seam. Try to give the line a similar curve as the existing sleeve seam, but the line should be a little longer, depending on how big you want the new armhole to be.

SIMAG0876tep 5

Carefully cut around the sleeve

Fold the t-shirt in half, matching up either end of the neck seam and repeat on the other sleeve. You can also cut the other side of the t-shirt, using the first armhole you cut as a guide. You now have a new cut-off shirt.

If you’re keeping the seam, keep the cut close to it, about 1/8 inch all the way around. Be careful not to cut too close to the seam, or it may unravel after a couple washings.

If you are cutting out the seam, follow your chalk lines, and cut as smoothly as you can to avoid a jagged look. 

Spice up you cutoff using cool printable designs

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