Emotions play an essential role in decision making, perception, learning, and more. They influence the very mechanisms of our rational thinking. So it’s inevitable we humans make most of our decisions based upon intuitive judgment and emotions. Actually, most of the times we bring out the best and worst in each other through the form of images.

The very basic and fundamental emotions we have are: anger, fear, surprise, disgust, sadness and joy. Since we are sort of programmed to respond to this main 6 emotions it’s a good idea to start from any of these when thinking about screen printing  your tee in Denver.

Let’s talk about the positive three:

Fun design tee


The most powerful emotion we can express. It activates the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain that makes you feel good. The meaning of love might be different to each person but the images are usually the same. For example we all relate the proverbial heart. It doesn’t really matter the size or style of the heart. In fact, you can create your own love icon and screen print it unto a t-shirt. Be original. Love tees make great gifts!



Also considered a basic 01_SURPRISE1emotion. Reactions can be positive, negative or neutral to the unexpected event. A facial clue to surprise is raised eyebrows. So no matter what of the three reactions you want to express, don’t forget to create a t-shirt design that will produce some raised eyebrows.


The last basic emotion on our list. Joy can be intensified by pleasure, relationships, meaning in life, goals and engaging activities. Feeling optimistic? Then you are experiencing a form of joy which, by the way, reduces levels of certain stress hormones, so no wonder it helps us feel more positive!

GTee factory

Go to the right place to get your t-shirt print done: G-TEE FACTORY

At Graffitee Factory we can get you on a t-shirt whatever emotions you want to express. Not just emotions, but we can make anything you would like to have posted on a TEE. We are committed to bringing the latest and greatest in screen printing, design, direct on garment service and much more.

Come check us out at 12445 E. 39th Ave. #404. You can also contact us online if you have any questions, or call us at 720.248.7428.

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