V neck t-shirts are a great summer trend, they give a little more “style” than a simple regular t-shirt. And talking about “fashion”, there’s just something about V necks that makes them unique. But there are DO’s and DONT’s that will keep you from making the usual blunders some people are doomed to make. AO let;s focus on looking cool in your t-shirt and stay away looking silly. Here are a couple DO’s and DON’Ts for you to keep in mind when wearing your V-neck:


First and foremost!

DO NOT and let me repeat DO NOT buy the ultra-low V necks! They look ridiculous. I can’t emphasize that enough. And if you’re not clear about what a good length for a v neck is, aim for an inch or two below your center collar bone. NOT three, not four and definitely not five!


Vice versa

Stay away from V necks that come up way to close to your neck. About half inch or even less. There is no reason to buy a V neck if you’re going to wear it as a regular t shirt. Besides, instead of looking relax and fresh, you’ll look more like an uptight that wants to fit in.


Buy the shirt to size!

We’re not in the 90’s anymore so don’t buy a tee 3 or 4 sizes too big. Especially if buying V necks. This is not a personal opinion, it’s unanimous consent among fashion circles. So, buy them at a size that fits comfortable not as a blanket or cape but as a comfortable fitting t-shirt.


Personalize a print

Sure you can go for the plain old black or white but why stay there? Besides, Simon Cowell’s sense of style should be scary enough to motivate you do something more. However, those classic colors can be a good start. But if you truly want to make something cool, go ahead and get other colors that will match your design in a much cooler way.


Get out of the boring with GTEE direct to garment style

At Graffitee Factory we’ll help you with your printing and everything else regarding style on your t-shirt. Whether for business or pleasure we offer a great variety of options. We will get you exactly what you want screen printed or directly on garment. We know all about the types of inks and proper ways to make your tee last for decades! Our specialty is screen printingdesign, direct to garment service and more. So come visit us at 12445 E. 39th Ave. #404. You can also contact us online if you have any questions, or call us at 720.248.7428.


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