While Father’s Day is a time where you expect your loving ones to buy something you’ve been wanting for a while, like a new bottle of your favorite cologne or that iPad mini you’ve been hinting at for weeks. It’s also an opportunity for you to show some good old leadership and take the initiative for a special time to bond with your family. Making a memory is worth much more than new flat screen any day. That’s why the ultimate Father’s Day consists of an activity to do together, whether it’s something you love or they love, better yet if it’s something you all are passionate about. To cherish the quality time with your kids, here are a few ideas that you may not have thought of yet.

You Lead, They’ll FollowT-shirt for dad

Allow your son or daughter to choose whatever they want to do with you. It should be something that is not your typical Sunday, something unique! Get on a train and explore a different city together, go climbing and teach them new tricks, get tickets to a special performance, visit an indoor water park and be a kid again or make a reservation and treat them to a nice hotel with an awesome pool and call it Father’s Day Retreat 2014.


Create Never-Ending MemoriesCelebrating Father's Day

Then sit together and make a memory book or video log filled with little quotes or stories, pictures and notes to one another. Over time, it will be fun to look back and see what was written, recorded, drawn or photographed.

Finally, get some original t-shirts to remember your adventures and bring your personal style to this great day!

They don’t need to be tacky or too descriptive. Nobody wants to see the picture of the entire family on a t-shirt or mug anymore! So get creative and place some quotes or symbolic items that you all enjoyed and will make you smile every time you wear your creation. There’s nothing like a tangible good old tee with some fun reminders of the time spent with the kids. Still  need some more help, these 4 easy steps may help you get more inspiration.

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Remember, idea is to create space to learn about each other, share and bond. So chose a fun project where you can appreciate this special time together, and truly make it a memorable, enjoyable Father’s Day! 

What do you like to do with your child? Don’t forget to share your stories with us so we can all learn from one another!




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