Whatever the size of your organization or the level of commitment you can give, you can work together with your employees, and make a difference to others in need. Employee fundraising improves internal communication, motivates your staff, and promotes creativity.

Raising awareness and support

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You can choose to raise money for a non-profit organization, a school, team, an event, an individual (friend or family member), or other type of group. Don’t forget to involve key members of your company and show just how supportive of employee fundraising your company is. Now, if the company just doesn’t have the time to make it happen, give the initiative to your employees. This can be encouraging to them as a t-shirt campaign can help them promote their fundraising efforts and give tehir cause more visibility in the office which hopefully will give them access to more supporters and better contacts for others possibly interested in their campaign.

You really want to get behind these causes? Make the whole process exciting. Use videos, images, and testimonials of the people who the specific fund-raiser will be benefiting. Host a community event. Match the donations they raise with a company donation. Print t-shirts for all those involved.

awareness t-shirts screen printingWhy use

Once you have the different causes you want to promote you can rally support and increase help by selling t-shirts as a way of collecting donations. There are many reasons for using t-shirts. Some of the most relevant ones are that t-shirts give up to 60% profit (recommended retail price per tee: $25), while raising awareness and increasing exposure. Most important, custom t-shirts are a blank slate for creativity. Include talented, passionate staff in the design process, this one everyone’s different talents can help make an even bigger difference than they ever imagined possible. Finally, remember awareness is about using the contacts and people you have access to, to help bring hope to those in need and in the process, you can change many lives, of those receiving help as well as those impacted by the stories of change.

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