Graffiti is the rebel art, the art of the people, a microphone and a platform for the disenfranchised and the overlooked. It is big and bold and colorful, showing incredible artistic craftsmanship and depicting the social or economic or political landscape of the times. Looking back at lost civilizations or ancient times,graffiti is as old as the bible, and as much as we want to lift up past civilizations to a higher moral ground and show only the extraordinary and the ornate, it turns out that when you get right down to the nitty gritty, what ancient civilizations chose to etch in walls forever preserving a thought or a statement is no better – or more eloquent - than what we scribble on walls today.

Graffiti in Pompeii

When we hear about Pompeii it is most likely the stories of how Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 CCD, killing thousands but brilliantly preserving a whole town and civilization for scholars and archaeologists to study and explore. What we don’t hear so much about it the graffiti that was preserved all over town. Pictures and poems line the city walls of Pompeii, and they are often hilarious and incredibly raunchy in nature and expression. When looking at ancient or lost civilizations we tend to highlight the positive, the respectable, but graffiti is often a reality check for historians, reminding them that sexual humor and less respectable behavior is part of any civilization and will be for years to come. Check out some of the “poems” that have been recovered all over the ancient town of Pompeii.

express yourself

Express yourself

Graffiti is a platform for the people to express the sentiments of the times, the trends, the political and social climate. It is a way to express your views, letting you feel that you are a part of the conversation, and that you are involved in shaping the views of the world even when you think no one is listening. Perhaps in a thousand years, that piece of art will help future generations look back at our lives and understand the conflicts and the difficulties that we face as a nation, and maybe they’ll get a few laughs too, because graffiti doesn’t have to be serious or political in nature, it can just be a spontaneous expression of the mood you were in right at that moment in time. A “Jane was here” or the classic “for a good time call…” Just like fashion is an expression of your own personal style. No one wants to be a carbon copy of everyone else wearing the same Gap t-shirt and jeans. We want to stand out. We want to express ourselves. So next time you feel like expressing yourself on a wall, subway car or street sign, think about tagging a piece of clothing, carrying around your true self, your voice, your statement, wherever you go! Plus, tagging a t-shirt isn’t illegal and won’t get painted over by the city or building owner.

Graffitee Factory can put your design, your art, and your voice on just about anything: clothing, banners, cars, stickers, store fronts, you name it. Just like a true graffiti artist, if it can be tagged, The Graffitee Factory can help you tag it…legally! Preserve your art; put it on a t-shirt.

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