You can get the most out of your investment if you follow these tips:

 Print your values

It’s always great to let the world know what your values as a company are. If it’s a product you’re promoting you can think about positive words that will reinforce what you are trying to promote. For example, if you are promoting something that has to do with the food industry, you cannot just print the slogan in every t-shirt, but instead you can mix it up and put words like “IRRESISTIBLE” or “TEMPTING”.

21st century style

Show off your personality


Sizing tip

Instead of getting a hundred t-shirts of each size, you can get one size and skip the next one. If you rather choose between the sizes and pick just two, then it’s better to get mediums and extra larges.


tshirt designs printed in DenverSimple design

Unless your business has to do with something artistically oriented, the best thing you can do is keep the design very basic. Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity. Especially when you want to promote a brand. Try to keep the focus on the logo and values or phrases you are screen printing.

Use the colors of the business

Custom make your t-shirtIf your company has branding colors then it’s better to use them, but if not, then pick the color that stands the most and make it the ideal color of the shirts you will be printing. If you want to stay on the safer side then just pick the classic black, white or even gray cotton tees.

For more technical stuff check out these pointers.

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