On this Father’s Day celebrate with a touch of originality. There’s never something as special and personal as a gift that you designed. It can very well be the perfect complimentary gift that your dad will always remember. Here’s how you can do it. 

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Defining a concept is the most creative part of this original way to surprise your dad on this Father’s Day. In order to do it properly don’t rush. Take your time to think about the important details by asking yourself the following question: What best describes my dad? But don’t sweat it! This question is not meant to get you stressed, confused or indecisive. Is designed to help you focus. Think about what your dad really loves doing. Is he a food lover or more of a sports dad? You can also think about his hobbies. Is he a reader or more of an adventurer?  You can also think about his “weekend style”. Once you define your concept you can move forward to the next step.



concept tee Once you set a concept, is time to go online and look for some ideas that support it. But remember, this is the second step. You want to keep it original so use the internet just as a complementary tool. On your search, you can try to find a template that works as a base for a background or perhaps cool pattern that you can use wit
h the typography you choose to write what the t-shirt will say.There are many styles of typography but you don’t need to take a lot of time deciding which. Instead, think about the message you want to put on the garment. You can also find a great design you think he will love.


CHOOSE THE TYPE OF T-SHIRTDad's t-shirt design

Now that you have your idea “on paper” it’s time to pick the type of t-shirt your father would like most. It can be a pajama type fabric, a vintage style, something more modern or even the traditional style. Whatever the case, remember to consider his favorite color, a proper size and personal preference (perhaps he enjoys more a V neck than a rounded one).


GO FOR THE PRINTING at Graffitee T-shirt Factory

Once you have all the elements you can save the design in a proper format so you can have it printed in other colors, fabrics or sizes! Remember to take it to the professionals. Don’t take the chance of turning your great idea into a big mess. So take the time to go for a screen printed tee or a direct to garment one. It’s definitely worth doing it.  

We make anything you would like to have posted on a TEE, we can help you!  Graffitee Factory is committed to bringing the latest and greatest in print & web design, printing & marketing solutions, t-shirt screen printing, large format signs & banners, and general kickassery in Denver, Colorado. We are located at 12445 E. 39th Ave. #404, feel free to stop by our shop and check out our work. Or contact us  if you have any questions or comments.

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