Work your graphics on actual size


Only you can visualize the final product in your mind’s eye. Nobody else has the same vision you do, so bring your ideas to life by designing the graphics in your illustrator program at the size you want it to be printed. We are experts at printing, so if this is your first project, let our graphic design team help you get it right! If you don’t need any help, the better you communicate everything you want in your final product, the better changes you’ll get what you want. A surefire way to get things to go your way is to give a sample with the exact dimensions of the graphics all laid out.


Change text to outlines or curvesconvert-fonts-outlines

Every print studio is equipped with different graphics design programs with different font sets. If you happen to be using a font that’s not supported or one that is completely custom-made, to avoid it being replaced for a different font, convert it to an image, when you have finished editing. This may mean creating an outline of transforming to curves, depending on what program you are using to design.


Create color contrastharmonies

Without color, your tee might as well be blank. It can be very difficult to see graphics when they are the same color or nearly the same color as the tee. While some tees are done this way purposefully, they tend to use a textured ink, stitching, or layered fabrics to create some contrast to the viewer. Even so, such designs are not meant to stand out and be bold. If you really want to make heads turn, use bright colors in contrast with darker tones. White on black, white on blue, red and yellow, lime green and hot pink, charcoal and royal blue. The combinations are endless. It doesn’t really matter which colors or how many you plan on using, just make sure they’re different enough to complement each other.


Print your designs in Denver at Graffitee Factory

We are located at 12445 E. 39th Ave. #404, so come check us out! You can also contact us online if you have any questions, or call us at 720.248.7428. Keep in mind that we believe we can make anything you would like to have posted on a TEE and we are committed to bringing the latest and greatest in screen printing designs and direct on garment service, plus much, much more.

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